Velocette Electric Starter Kit made by Alton

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The Velocette Electric Starter kit from Alton

The manufacturers of the well known Dynamo replacement Alternators



The kit includes a Velocette Alton and -ve Earth Voltage Regulator/Rectifier unit.


As can be seen above, the kit is fully comprehensive and has all the required elements with fitting instructions.
The only large item that is not supplied, is the larger 12 volt battery that will have to be installed.
The existing crankshaft sprocket shock absorber spring is replaced by a heavy duty resilient plastic like
shock tube which is more durable than the original spring and has undergone extensive testing in service.


The kit is very aesthetically pleasing and as unobtrusive as possible
to maintain the original style and look of your Velocette.


So far, the fibreglass cover is only available in black
therefore colour variants will require that cover to be painted by the owner.


Price for complete kit is currently - 1165 plus VAT if applicable
Price may vary depending on the exchange rate between the Pound and the Euro


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