Norton Commando Electric Starter Kit made by Alton

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 The Norton Commando Electric Starter Kit from Alton

The manufacturers of the well known Dynamo replacement Alternators


This kit is now available.
Designed to fit all post-distributor 750 Commandos together with all Pre-Mk3 850 Commandos.

Available for original primary chain models.
 A belt drive version is now available
 A viable Mk3 conversion will be available soon


A needed elixir for extra riding years to those of us not so enthusiastic
about bouncing up and down on a heavy kick-start lever.

As can be seen in the photo the kit is supplied with those components as seen on the left.

A full and detailed instruction manual is also supplied with full electrical connection information.

The Kit as may be seen comes with a new inner primary casing which replaces the existing one.
This may be require polishing to match the outer -  your choice.


Nothing is changed to the original machine as the process cannot be reversed, all components
removed may be retained for the future should conversion back to its former state ever be required.

A heavy duty battery is not supplied but available from your local Bike Shop.
The specification recommended is in the instruction manual.


Call for further information and shipping rates.

Price for complete kit is currently - 1390.00 plus VAT if applicable
Price will vary depending on the exchange rate between the Pound and the Euro


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